Landfill Harmonic


I had seen the preview for the movie Landfill Harmonic  and was completely entranced with their story (I highly recommend that you check them out). A music teacher worked with an instrument maker to create instruments out of the only materials they had available, which were from the local landfill. 

I was lucky enough to see them play a few months ago and they are amazing. Their instruments are cobbled together out of bits of flotsam and jetsam but they sound brilliant. They played a mix of traditional, classical and rock music. 

It was interesting that you would see an instrument made out of an oil drum and you'd expect the sound to be off, but it was rich and interesting. 

These students had so much passion and talent. It's beautiful to see how they were embraced by the community here in Chicago and I can't wait to see what they do next. 

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