History of Women

People often ask me why I buy art. It's actually at this point a part of who I am and an important part of my home. I'm drawn to pieces that inspire me or remind me of a certain person or place. This piece was at a frame shop in Wicker Park and I bought it because it reminded me of a picture of my great-great-aunt standing with my great-great-grandmother. 

I never met my great-great-grandmother but in my imagination she is pretty kick ass. 

Before Poppy, my grandfather, passed away he told us the story of his grandmother, my great-great-grandmother. She was born a Hansen in Denmark and came to the States in the late 1890s. She then married a man whose last name was Lorenzen. But then she met my great-great-grandfather who worked at the local dairy and she ran off with him and left her husband and kids. I'm sure there must be more to the story, but it has been lost with the passing of time. 

Yet, I think it must have taken her courage to move on with a different life, especially in a time when that wasn't common. 

I'm going to draw a pretty extreme parallel her but we all need to have courage in the face of what is happening today. I'm not an activist or a protester, but I sure am going to give 'em hell. I'm going to the Women's March on Washington this weekend because I believe in human rights and I also believe that our voice needs to be heard. 

I also see in that picture and in my piece of art a hint of the suffragette march on Washington in 1913. 

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