What a Difference Color Makes

I love helping people pick color for their home. Being confronted with a color wheel can sometimes be overwhelming, but you just need to narrow down your choices and be prepared to put a lot of swatches on the wall. I go more in depth on color in my podcast and I even talk about this home. 

I was excited when Lisa reached out to me to help her pick colors because she wanted something a little unique for her dining room. The previous color had been on the walls when she moved in and it was definitely time for a change. 

I'd like to talk really quick about photos. When I come into a clients home I am taking pictures to use as a reference point for my design. I apologize if they do not look as great as the after shots, but that isn't deliberate to make the before look worse. In this case the before wasn't bad, it was just time for a change.

The dining room before was kind of a periwinkle blue. When I started talking to Lisa she mentioned wanting to take it a little dark in the blue family. Which made me excited because I love dark rooms! 

This is only one wall that had samples on it! Color changes in different light and in different rooms so you have to put samples up and live with them for a couple of days. 

We ended up going with Benjamin Moore's evening dove. The other grays could have worked, but they didn't have quite as much drama. The black pepper was great but in this room it was a little too blue/green. The evening dove is a darker gray but it has a hint of blue in it that gives it a little bit more warmth. 

The living room gets a bunch of great light and she wanted to keep an airy feeling in here, but the couch and art work were kind of blending into the wall. So, an accent wall was called for. 

Just one wall of many samples. It's interesting how colors will read differently on the paint chip and then change completely when you get them up on the wall. 

Here is the after. The dark grey for the back wall has a hint of sand color in it, which works really well in this space and contrasts nicely with the dining room. The accent wall is Benjamin Moore Galveston Grey, and the rest of the room is Light Pewter which was used in the entrance hall as well. 

Lisa's response was, "Think we nailed the colors. Loving all of them". 

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