Mighty Life List

Picture from my trip to Lesotho

Picture from my trip to Lesotho

I don't really do New Year's resolutions but I do try to update my Mighty Life List which lets me dream big and sometimes even a little small. So here is my new and improved Mighty Life list. Is there something you've been wanting to do? What's holding you back? 

  1. Grow Meandering Design
  2. Read and learn more
  3. Teach Life Redsigned
  4. Cook healthy meals
  5. Be in a committed relationship
  6. visit Iraq
  7. Write a book
  8. Podcast weekly
  9. Finish designing my home
  10. Do yoga
  11. Shop more for Vintage to sell
  12. Be creative
  13. Be a guest contributor on a blog or podcast
  14. Open a design studio with space for teaching
  15. Get a tattoo
  16. Buy handmade goods while traveling
  17. Learn a new craft
  18. Explore Chicago more
  19. Make things by hand
  20. Swim in as many seas as possible
  21. speak French/Arabic/Spanish more
  22. Do a Ted Talk
  23. Carry my camera more
  24. Be an Active Feminist
  25. Give back
  26. Create community
  27. Pay off debt
  28. Save money to support my life goals
  29. Be fearless
  30. Slow down and enjoy my food
  31. reach out to people I admire
  32. Fall in love
  33. live a life that allows for travel
  34. help people make their lives better
  35. create space for my passion
  36. drink more champagne
  37. get an old Ford pick up truck
  38. scan and organize family photos
  39. get myself a kitchen aid mixer
  40. get myself a smeg toaster
  41. update my wardrobe
  42. make time for my mental health
  43. work with the people who support me
  44. spend time with my family of choice
  45. have family dinner
  46. invest in meandering design
  47. be more patient/kind
  48. swim in as many seas as possible
  49. spend time on the water
  50. be featured on a design blog
  51. teach a class abroad
  52. bake macarons
  53. learn how to watercolor
  54. plant more plants
  55. go through my home to do list
  56. organize and declutter
  57. fly a kite
  58. send someone a letter
  59. visit my friends
  60. support the entrepreneurs in my life
  61. buy more art
  62. buy local and handmade
  63. frame my photographs
  64. sew myself some clothes
  65. take my skillshare classes
  66. teach more classes
  67. work with more clients
  68. get organized
  69. get specific about my goals
  70. share my story
  71. inspire others
  72. go for a motorcycle ride
  73. be fearless
  74. keep moving
  75. recognize when depression strikes
  76. focus on the task at hand
  77. plan your next adventure
  78. wear my rings
  79. flaunt my style
  80. change my hair color again
  81. meditate
  82. get enough sleep
  83. attend design workshops
  84. network
  85. put myself out there
  86. take the chance
  87. burn your candles
  88. If in doubt paint it
  89. get a new bed
  90. fix up the car
  91. instagram away
  92. take more selfies
  93. recognize your strengths 
  94. compliment others
  95. mentor people
  96. give some of it away
  97. don't be afraid
  98. keep moving
  99. it's ok to do less

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