Winter Whites

Image via  French by Design

There was this girl in high school who would wear cream wool trouser pants with a cream turtleneck and a brown belt and she looked fabulous. Now that I've, um, lightened my hair color to blond those winter whites would look really good on me. I feel the need to go shopping. 

It's been surprisingly warm in Chicago but it still has been the usual dreary grey (that reminds me I should turn on my SAD light). I love the idea of doing a room in almost all whites to reflect what little sun we get about the space. 

There are a lot of shades of white and I think these rooms cover the gamut. What makes a white room not feel cold? 

  • Texture
  • Natural elements
  • More texture
  • Contrasting elements (especially metals)
  • Lots of lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Art
  • Personal Mementos

My home is mainly made of whites and greys with a wee bit of color thrown in. I have a ton of indirect lighting that makes the space feel so cozy at night, wood elements, rugs and pillows for texture and most of my art is monochrome. 

If I could have a large apartment in Paris I'd embrace all white. Until then, I'll make do with what I have and it isn't too shabby. 



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