New Words for a New Year


I don't really 'do' new year's resolutions. Maybe with age comes wisdom, because I've found over the years that I really don't keep my resolutions. This year I had an opportunity to meetup with some fabulous people and review what happened in 2015.

It was a pretty good year, what made it great though were all of my dear friends, family and the amazing people I met along the way. What was rough about 2015 was my own self-doubt. I didn't believe that I was pretty or good enough in so many ways. 

I'm adopting a word for 2016 and love will be the word that guides me. Love of myself, love of my friends/family, love for my community and romantic love. 

To start my year off right I got myself the Desire Map Planner which has been great for getting me motivated. I pulled out my old fountain pen and I've been writing more. I don't know what it is but hand writing (even though my handwriting is illegible) is definitely making me feel more creative. 

I wish you a very happy new year. What are your resolutions? Or your word for the year? 

Oh and if you are looking for some inspiration I highly recommend listening to Tom Waits (whom I adore) read a poem by Charles Bukowski. 

Upcoming Events:

About Women- I'll be speaking about Body Image at About Women on January 6that Pizzeria Serio (which has half-priced bottles of wine on Wednesday night). For more details visit About Women

Design Your Life- I'll be giving a presentation at Sulzer Library on January 13thfrom 7-8:30PM about how using interior design can help create order out of chaos. We will use interior design principles to help you design the life you want to live. Sulzer Library is at 4455 N. Lincoln Avenue. 

Interior Design 101- I'm teaching a few different dates through Verlocal. If you know someone who needs design help please send them to my class. 

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