Lesotho Design

This beautiful woman is an amazing artisan that I met when I was visiting dear friends in Lesotho. She's part of a group of weavers called Hatooa Mose Mosali (loosely translated means Women Get Up and Work). She has set up shop along with other women in the Lesotho Mountain Crafts Cooperative located in Teyateyaneng. 

I wanted everything in the shop but I limited myself to the pillow in the chair above. It's such an amazing modern design and color scheme made out of all natural hand dyed locally sourced wool. I can attest to the locally sourced part of it because there were sheep and goats everywhere. 

Each artisan has their own designs that they sketch on paper and then lay behind the weaving as a guideline. 

There was so much crafty goodness in the shop. 


It was really hard to leave the weaving above behind, especially since it matched my pillow, but I was running out of room in my suitcase. A lot of the designs are inspired by the mountains of Lesotho and the people that live there. 

I had such an amazing time exploring Lesotho and meeting the women at the cooperative. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I still wish I had bought that weaving....

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