The neverending story

I kept making plans for my home and never really getting anything done. 

I was supposed to revamp my dining room last November! Granted I did get distracted by redoing my office...

Besides my usual ability to get distracted (oh look squirrel), or sometimes because I get depressed and find it hard to get through my day to day, I think the real problem was I didn't like how the rooms were set up. I had been talking about swapping my living room and dining room for over 6 months. Finally, one night I came home and did it. 

Then I realized my dining room table was shabby and a bit small for the space. So, I found a used dining room table. While picking up the table I looked in the storage unit and saw two orange Stark La Marie chairs. I may have gasped. The owner graciously sold them to me. Well, then my other chairs just did not work and I was short a few chairs. 

Before I swapped rooms the gallery wall made sense how it was hung, but now it looks off kilter, so I need to shift all the art. While I'm at it I should patch the holes and paint. 

What was going to be a simple room swap turned out to be a much larger redo of my dining room! 

In the meantime my television is in the middle of both rooms and the living room is complete chaos, but it is the impetus I need to get it done. 

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