Thoughts on changing everything

Hackney Empire  by House of Hackney 

Hackney Empire by House of Hackney 

When I moved into my apartment my bedroom was a beige box in the basement with a very small window. My prior bedroom was bright and full of sunshine and pretty much everything I owned did not work in my dark cave room. 

I ditched my dresser and used an old buffet that belonged to my great-grandparents instead, I already had a bed and headboard but it didn't fit the room since it was made out of white reclaimed wood. 

I took my inspiration from a rug that I had bought in Turkey. I wanted the space to not try to fight the lack of light and lower ceilings and I wanted to create a cozy eclectic feel-a little bit like Amelie's flat. 

Before I went shopping I created a mood board which helped me gain some direction over what I was going to purchase and what colors I wanted to incorporate. 


I put down rugs, hung curtains, made a slip cover for my headboard in that lovely blue velvet and found a quilt for my bed. And that was it for awhile. My attention was turned to the other parts of the house and it wasn't as if there was anyone visiting my bedroom! 

As I've gone down this interior design path I've seen what changing someone's environment can do for their mood and for helping them make life changes and so I decided to design a space for myself. 

I loved the direction the room was going in and then I fell in love with the wallpaper pictured above and I wanted to change the whole room. I sat with that thought and even ordered the wallpaper to see if I could make it work in the existing space. I couldn't!

Putting up that wallpaper would mean having to change the rugs, the curtains and the quilt. It worked well with the existing furniture, but not my slip-covered headboard. I realized that I wanted something new for the sake of having something new and that while I loved that wallpaper there was no reason to go down this path. 

Instead I focused on finishing my space. I've been working on incorporating lighting, accessories and art from other areas in the house and it is starting to come together. 

I'll share a little more about that process later. 

If you feel the need for a change sometimes you do need to strip everything back and start over, but sometimes you just need to add a couple of elements to make it feel new. 

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