A beautiful start

Image via  torbakhopper

Image via torbakhopper

I have been so excited to see the amazing decisions our country has been making lately. I never thought that marriage equality would be realized in my lifetime. I never thought that we as a nation would take on health care reform, and we have. 

I also never thought that women's reproductive rights would be slowly stripped away bit by worrisome bit. 

In the midst of so much elation and joy (and unicorns pooping glitter) it is hard to be negative, but I feel like we have a ways to go. We as a nation need to figure out a way to heal. I admit I don't have the answers, but when I turn on the news and hear that black churches are burning I feel despair that we won't ever overcome. 

I get frustrated by how polarized the issues have become and I feel like we don't reach across the fence to try to hear the other persons side. As someone who is always right, I know that I have been guilty of assuming the other side is wrong. I need to be better about keeping an open mind and being respectful of dissenting opinions. I feel like I need to understand why beyond blaming it all on ignorance. 

My hope is that transgender rights, women's rights and immigrant rights are next on the docket. I hope that we reframe history and recognize what the confederate flag actually stands for and that we take it down. 

I think for so many years I've been feeling resigned to the fact that our incredible country will continue to tear down and block rights, but now I feel a stirring of optimism. 


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