My ideal day

Images from left to right. Top row via:   The Palate Project ,  Alicia Bock ,  Renewed Hope Studio . Bottom rowvia :  Apartment Therapy ,  Camilla Romàn Demo ,  Nordic Design

Images from left to right. Top row via:  The Palate Project, Alicia Bock, Renewed Hope Studio. Bottom rowvia : Apartment Therapy, Camilla Romàn Demo, Nordic Design

Have you ever stopped to think what you want your day to day to look like? I hadn't even thought about it until I did one of the exercises from DIY Coaching for Creatives (which I highly recommend). 

It helped me see that my ideal day would involve working from 10 in the morning to 6 at night. I am not a morning person! It would mean biking to work which would be a storefront with a design studio in back. I would spend my days working with clients, on DIY projects and creating. OK, fine, I'd like to spend half my day doing that and the other half doing administrative work. 

It would mean not sitting at a desk all day. My office would hit the road with me. My ideal day would involve joy and creativity. 

That is not what is happening today. It made me realize that I need to double my efforts to make that dream a reality. I am also working hard to incorporate parts of that ideal day into my day to day. I've completely revamped my office space so I want to be in there working and it is definitely helping. 

I see more bike rides, coffee dates and doing in my future. 

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