Top five things you can do for your home

You know that feeling you get on your morning commute when you feel like you 'wake up' ten minutes later and realize you have completely zoned out. It's a little frightening when it happens when you are driving! We fall into patterns where we become acclimated to doing things a certain way, or accepting things are a certain way. Here are five things you can do to shake up those ruts you've worn into your home. 

  1. Change your air filter. Even if you rent. It has a big impact on the air quality of your home and the functionality of your HVAC system.  
  2. Wash the windows. I did this last spring and it made a huge difference in how my home felt. My house was in the doldrums and washing the windows made it perk up instantly. Windows are meant to be popped open to be cleaned and usually it just takes sliding two tabs at the same time and leaning them open. 
  3. Get rid of the one thing you hate (caveat- if it is your significant others or roommates, sorry you can't!). You may have bought something years ago as a place holder and it stayed. You may have inherited something you hate. You may be holding on to something for someone who never came back to get it. Let it go. If you do not love it and it does not bring you joy then get rid of it. 
  4. Switch to natural cleaners. We encounter enough toxins out in the world so try not to bring them into your home. 
  5. Create a corner that is yours. Since I live alone I can take the spare room and make it my space, but if you have roommates or kids that may not be possible. Find a corner though and make it yours. That may mean the chair in the living room that you drape with a soft blanket or the front porch step. Pick one spot and claim it as your personal retreat. 

If you don't have time for all five of these, then just pick one. You can handle one! 

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