I have arms

In that photo I am smiling because I'm on my Poppy's tractor. My grandmother is selling her house so we were moving furniture around. It's been hard to let go of the space where I spent my childhood, learned how to swim, chopped my toe off with a shovel, drove a tractor, learned how to shoot and ride a motorcycle, failed epically at water skiing, retreated to when my heart was broken, and...this list could go on. 

I almost didn't post the photo though because I don't look 'skinny' in it. The reality though is that is me and much closer to how I look on a daily basis compared to some selfie pose where I can hide the rest of myself from the camera. 

I was buying a dress today that was sleeveless. Gasp. There was an option to change the sleeve length and I almost did. I almost added a short sleeve to hide my arms. But the reality is I have arms that are not skinny and muscular. Why do I feel the need to hide behind a scrap of cloth? 

So today I am going to embrace a sleeveless dress. I'm going to flaunt the fact that I have arms. I also went and had a massage to get back in touch with my body and learn to love it as it is. 

What do you do in the face of sleeveless shirts?! 

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