Global Traditional Design

From top left: 1)  chair  2)  couch  3)  sconce  4)  lamp  5)  stool  6)  rug  7) rocking chair (craigslist) 8)  kilim pillow  9)  cream pillow  

From top left: 1) chair 2) couch 3) sconce 4) lamp 5) stool 6) rug 7) rocking chair (craigslist) 8) kilim pillow 9) cream pillow 

I am working with a delightful client on giving her living room a makeover. She has traveled extensively and brought back some wonderful art and treasures from her travels. Her aesthetic is a bit traditional and so we are bringing in some of those elements through the furnishings. 

She lives in a very typical Chicago apartment that has multiple doors opening off the room, which always makes furniture placement...challenging. I am changing her current layout, but until we get the furniture in the room and test it out I am not sure it will work. On paper it looks good but sometimes what you draw out doesn't work in real life! 

I'll be instagramming the process if you are interested in following along. 

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