Where does it all go?

Photo by Kristofer Johnsson via  Nordic Design

Photo by Kristofer Johnsson via Nordic Design

The photo above is part of the inspiration for the redesign of my office. I've been sharing pictures of the process over on instagram.

While I love the colors in my inspiration space, I was also drawn to how clutter free this space is. Part of my redesign involved getting rid of things. 

Once I cleared out the space I was left with a pile of stuff. I didn't want to just throw it away and so I am trying to sell, donate or give away as much as I can.  

So, what do you do with all of the stuff that you have decided to let go of? First congratulate yourself on making space in your life. Second sort the stuff into piles. 

The first question to ask is 'Does it have monetary value'?

The second question is 'Is it vintage?' I use the Etsy guidelines and say that Vintage is an object that is at least 20 years old. 

The third question is 'Is it usable'? 

Use these questions to help you sort things. 

I'm lucky because I already have a vintage Etsy shop and I can just list items in the shop. Since most people do not have their own vintage shop I recommend using either Ebay, Krrb, or Chairish. Higher end items would probably do well on Krrb and Chairish but the rest I would list on Ebay. You can also list vintage goods on Craigslist, but keep in mind people are usually looking for deals on Craigslist. 

If it is not vintage I would recommend using Craigslist. You may not recoup the original value of the item. Be grateful for the use that you got out of the item and let it go. Here is a pretty good post about how to sell items on Craigslist. I would reiterate that you should only accept cash (note that in your posting) and keep safety in mind. 

There is a cool exchange community called Yerdle. You don't actually get money. Instead you get points for something you may need. They also have an Unshopping Challenge that looks kind of cool. 

If it is not worth any money, but it is still usable, then think about who could use it. For example, if you have art and craft supplies think about donating them to a school. Used cell phones can be recycled and used by a domestic violence shelter. Leave your books in one of the super cool Little Free Library kiosks (check out the website for a library near you). 

I will often post on facebook the item I am trying to get rid of and let people call dibs. I will also set things out by the dumpster in my alley with a note that says free. It's usually gone in a couple of hours. 

The third question was 'Is it still usable?'. If it is broken, dirty, worn or plain old crappy then please don't donate it. Nobody wants your shirt with stains and holes! In this instance if it cannot be recyled or upcycled then it probably should go in the trash. 

How do you get rid of your stuff?




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