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Image via  turbulences deco

I'll admit that I've been struggling lately. There is so much going on in the world today that I've been feeling a bit run down and depressed by the news. Yet, I am an interior designer and I love design. I hope by sharing some of the beauty that can be found in this world that I can lighten your day.

One of my absolutely favorite trips was to South Africa a few years ago. I was super lucky to get to go see Mud Studio. The owners of Mud Studio aren't only super creative artists they are also fabulous at Interior Design. They have made this beautiful home in an old church on their property. That gorgeous chandelier in the kitchen is made by them out of hand rolled clay balls that are left to bake in the sun. 


Image via   turbulences deco

I like that they've been able to convert a church into a home, yet you can still see the buildings original bones. By mixing in natural woods and materials it makes the all white space feel less cold. 

Image via   turbulences deco
Image via   turbulences deco

Someday I will own one of these chandeliers! 

Image via   turbulences deco

My trip to South Africa actually inspired me in a lot of ways. I started incorporating more wood, ceramics and even hides into my home. I also was really inspired by the Airbnb we stayed at to paint my office a super dark color. I absolutely adore spending time in that room. 

What places have inspired you? 

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