Breaking up with your phone

Before I left on vacation I had reached the point where I wanted to chuck my phone in the lake. I was feeling so tied to it and its constant notifications that I was drained. 

I spent my vacation using my phone as a way to take pretty pictures and that was about it. I no longer felt tethered to the bloody thing. 

While I was happy to reconnect when I reached home I was trying to figure out a way to hold on to that liberating feeling from vacation. 

I wanted to find a way that kept me in communication with people, yet made me feel like I was in charge of my phone and not vice versa. What I did not meant to do is drop my phone in the toilet 3 days after returning home!

The problem with phones these days is that we are always accessible. So if we decide not to be 'on' or are actually devoting our time to something and do not want to be interrupted there is this feeling that we are failing. 

Not having a phone has been challenging on occasion. Until you don't have your phone you don't realize that you depend upon it for everything. I miss talking to people, but I don't miss my phone setting my agenda.

I'm hoping my new phone arrives this week, but I am going to be making a concerted effort to walk away from it! 

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