Shouldless Days

I keep referring to the amazing podcast I listened to with Ellen Burstyn because it was so full of awesome nuggets of life wisdom. 

I try to not schedule anything on Sundays because my calendar gets so full during the week and this introvert needs some alone time. 

This week I knew that I would be leaving the house on Sunday to go to a Ladies Working Lunch, which is where I am writing this post. It's a pretty low key event, which doesn't drain my energy. Plus I get a ton of work done while hanging out with some fabulous ladies!

Saturday morning I woke up and I had so many plans and it was a gorgeous day and I was going to  go run my errands, but then, I just couldn't. I just didn't have the energy to go and run around. The notion of getting dressed was just too much and so I gave myself permission to have a Should-less day.

Ellen Burstyn in her Death, Sex & Money interview  said-

I’m very lazy. I have what I called should-less days. Today is a day where there’s nothing I should do. So I only do what I want to do. And if it’s nap in the afternoon or watch TV, and eat ice cream, I get to do it. I had that kind of day yesterday.

Giving myself permission to do nothing immediately alleviated all the anxiety I was feeling. Ironically I got a ton of stuff done. I deliberately chose to stay off the interwebs. Instead I refinished furniture, decluttered, cleaned and puttered around the house. Sometimes doing tactile things and not staring at the screen feels good. 

Do you give yourself permission to have Should-less days? 

Also, if you have been following my journey you know that decluttering and embracing minimalism has had a great impact on my life. If you are interested in starting on your own decluttered path please join me for Spring Clean Your Life on April 13th. 

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