Living Alone

Photography credit  H. Adam

Photography credit H. Adam

I listened to an amazing podcast the other day with Ellen Burstyn. Go listen to it now and then come back to me. I also highly recommend that you subscribe to the podcast Death, Sex & Money

The interviewer, Anna Sale, mentioned that 25% of people in the United States live alone. She asked Ellen Burstyn if she would live with someone again and Ellen said no, but it would be nice if they lived in an apartment nearby. 

I never really thought about the fact that I chose to live alone. But when I heard that statistic I realized that I was kind of in the minority.  I've lived alone pretty much for the last seven years. 

Living alone means that you don't think twice about having some cottage cheese and a piece of bread for dinner all while standing in front of the refrigerator. You can watch marathons of Flipping Boston without worrying about annoying someone. You never have to close the bathroom door. You have the bed all to yourself. Talking to yourself is perfectly normal. You have absolute control over the remote. All decorating choices are your own. If there is a mess, then it's yours and you clean it up. If you are a control freak and like things done in a certain way, well, then they get done the right way. 

Yet, there are some downsides too. Sometimes it's nice to have someone ask you about your day when you get home. Compromise can sometimes be a good thing. Having someone to share the expenses is definitely a plus. When you need help (like when your battery dies during a polar vortex) someone is there with a lending hand. It's nice when someone can run to the pharmacy for you when you are sick. Crying alone is just no fun. If something happens someone is around (when I have to climb up on a ladder to change a light bulb I call a friend because I'm a clutz). There's no one there to help you move heavy stuff (I almost trapped myself in a corner with a giant piece of furniture a couple of weeks ago). 

Have you chosen to live alone, or do you want to live alone?

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