December colors

I couldn't quite let go of the mustard yellow which I showcased in October's moodboard but with the darkening winter skies, instead I paired it with blue. 

Sometimes it helps to embrace dark colors and make a space feel like a cocoon. Painting my office dark has made the space feel warm and cozy. 

One of my favorite rooms is the living room from House Beautiful. Years ago I pulled those pages from a magazine and that room is like a dream to me. I love the mix of styles and the use of color. The room is a little over-the-top in all the right ways. 

What's also great about a yellow and blue pairing is you can choose to go deeper and darker on the color spectrum or lighten things up a bit and use a paler shade of yellow with a turquoise blue. 

It would also be a great color combo for decorating your home for the holidays. 

If this color combo intrigues you, keep in mind that you don't always have to paint the walls. You can simply bring in the color through curtains, pillows or rugs, or if you are feeling bold, through furniture. 

P.S. I always try to credit the source of photos, but I had a devil of a time tracking the source down for these. Normally I would try to find another picture, but these had captured my interest. My apologies. 



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