Beautiful but with Intention

A friend recently had his apartment repainted and packed away all of his art. Once the walls were again pristine he asked me to come by and help him hang the art on his walls. He also offered food and wine so of course I said yes!

It was so much fun to hear the stories of the pieces and each one had a connection to a happy memory or person he loved. 

He had his uncle's dog tags framed and his grandmother's life guard certification as well (he was also a lifeguard) and he mentioned they had been hanging in his bedroom.  

Instead of putting them back in the bedroom, I moved them to a prominent spot in his hallway where he could see them every morning. It is important to honor family when they are important to us, but not in the bedroom. The bedroom is the place where you sleep, rest, and make space for a life partner. 

So, take a good look at your bedroom and make sure that the art hanging on the walls are the things that you want to be inviting into your bedroom! Think about how you want the space to feel and about what you want to invite into the space and then take a good look around. Do the images on the wall match up with that feeling you want? 

I recently removed a few pieces of art from my bedroom that I really liked, but I didn't feel like they were helping me invite a relationship into my life. I'm still dating, so we shall see, but I would like to think that my intentions are a little bit more clear to the universe. 

If you need some assistance then please come to Interior Design 101. I'll be covering design basics and also giving some input on your space. 

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