A rising tide

The phrase 'a rising tide raises all boats' has been circling in my head for the last couple of days. I think in response to all of the pain I've been reading about in France, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and now Nigeria. I guess I believe there is enough to support all of us in this big crazy world and we don't need to close our borders out of scarcity.

I've felt anger rising in me, especially in response to all the hate and vitriol that has been spewing forth. I realized though that anger isn't the way. That was proven today when France agreed to take in Syrian refugees, or when Chicago Alderman opposed our governor and said of course we would take in refugees. We're the city of big shoulders built upon the hearts and ambitions of immigrants. 

I'm fortunate to l live where I do and I'm so lucky to be surrounded by friends and an amazing supportive community. I realized that is partly because I give. I give time, support, advice, knowledge, skills, love and occasionally- wine fueled lady dates. 

I hope that we can counter fear with love. I hope that we can open our boarders in direct opposition to fear. I hope that we can open our minds and our hearts. 

I have lived in fear. Somebody recently asked me what has been the hardest thing you've faced and my answer was living. Life at times was something I wanted to escape. I think part of the reason I keep fighting is I have grit, but also empathy and compassion. Although I've been hurt numerous times, I try to have love in my heart and to be open to new people and experiences. 

I know that this isn't the only answer, but I do believe the first step is to face fear with love.  

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