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Quote and image by  r.m. drake

Quote and image by r.m. drake

At some point, while trying to clean up the spare room to make room for guests and swapping around my living room and dining room, my bedroom became a dumping ground. There were boxes, fabric, old clothes, old curtains and yarn piled up on the floor. I hadn't dusted in forever, which is not good for my health. I'd go on, but the reality is my bedroom was disgusting. I didn't even want to spend time in it, let alone invite someone else into it. 

So, I cleaned it up. I put away all the clutter, dusted and vacuumed and I began to enjoy the space again. At the same time I signed up for a new dating website and I've been talking to more guys then I have on other sites. Coincidence? I think not. Except, the room isn't done.

I went to a Feng Shui lecture at my public library given by Heather Melcer of Harmony in Motion and I realized my bedroom needs more help. 

First off Heather is fabulous and really knows her stuff. I highly recommend taking a look at her blog or having her come and help you at home. 

Heather mentioned that clutter needs to be cleared. I made huge strides with getting rid of things, and there is extra room in drawers and in the closet, but I've still been avoiding some of the old things I've held onto. I may need a friend to come sit with me while I clear it out. 

I need to get rid of the mirrors over my dresser that directly face my bed. They are basically sucking all my energy. Thankfully my bed placement is good but the mirrors need to go and in their place I am thinking not just calm restive art, but art that inspires me when I wake up each morning. 

All the single lady art needs to go. I have a print that I bought eons ago from the 1880s of a woman looking into the distance and she's waiting expectantly. I love this print, but this is the second time that I have heard if I want to bring a partner into my life that I shouldn't have single lady art in the house. I have a couple of other prints that I also love, but they just don't suit my needs today. 

Heather mentioned that red doesn't belong in the bedroom and colors should be light and calm and restful, but I'm going to deviate a bit from this. My bedroom is in the basement and it doesn't get any light, so I've embraced the darkness and I've surrounded myself with deep burgundy, mustard yellow and teal. The red tones are in the carpet on the floor, so I don't think they will have too much of an impact on my mood. 

Have you ever used feng shui in your space? 


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