How to conquer pinterest

One of the most common things I hear is that Pinterest is overwhelming. The image above is my Pinterest homepage and I'm not sure where to start. Apparently I want to look at pumpkin carving, coloring, smores and rugs. I mean, yes, I do like all of those things, but I don't want to do all of them today. 

So, why use Pinterest? 

Pinterest can be a useful tool for many things. I primarily use it for interior design, but I've also used it as a a way to mood board. I created a board for my ideal day, which gave me a visual clue as to what I want my future to look and feel like. 

I have a client who wants to redo the color scheme in his bedroom. He wants something understated (mainly gray and neutral colors) but he may want to bring in some blues and greens.

Using that as a starting point I search Pinterest for 'gray and blue bedroom'. What comes up is a bit more colorful then I want, but I'm seeing some good color ideas in there. 

I then start a new board called a Gentleman's Boudoir and I pin the pictures that I think might work. 

I don't like saying that design is masculine or feminine, but people commonly do, so 'masculine bedroom' is my next search. 

Now we are getting closer to what I want, which is dark moody colors, but lots of texture and a mix of different metals. Actually, I would gladly take any of these bedrooms as my own (which is why I kind of object to them being called masculine). Again, I pin rooms that have elements of what I am looking for. 

My client also mentioned he liked green so I narrow my search a little more and look for 'grey green masculine bedroom' and I find rooms with just a hint of green in them that looks good. Again, I pin a few. 

Seeing the green chair in one of the bedrooms above sparks an idea. There is room for a bench along the window, and at first I was thinking leather, but that chair made me think green velvet would look good. I did a quick search for 'upholstered benches' and add a few of those. 

Finally I do a search for beige and gray bedrooms because while we will be adding the color gray through textiles (maybe a headboard or a rug) the walls are a light beige. I wanted to pin elements from my previous searches to get some color, lighting and bedding ideas, but I also need to be able to see (and show my client) what that could look like with beige walls. 

Here is what 'A Gentleman's Boudoir' looks like-

This gives me an overall feel for the room. It also gives me specific design elements to choose- should the headboard be small or large and dramatic (the room has tall ceilings so I'm leaning towards dramatic!), should the bedding be grey or a lighter color and it gives options to bring in other colors like green or blue.  

The next step is to go through and delete the pins that aren't working. So, since I decided the headboard should be tall, I might go through and get rid of the other pictures I pinned because I liked the headboard. Weeding out pins makes it even clearer what you are looking for, then I can go shopping for the things I want. 

In this instance though, I'll meet with the client first to determine what he likes! 

I know Pinterest can be overwhelming, but narrow your focus and think of specific search terms and you can find what you didn't even know you were looking for. 

Next week I'll talk about how to use Pinterest to pick paint colors. 



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