Making space

No I'm not auditioning for an episode of hoarders, but I am pulling aside the curtain and revealing the chaos that was hidden behind door number one. I still have to go through door number two. Sigh. 

The end of 2014 for me was about making space. Clearing out relationships that were not helping me grow and thrive. Clearing out the detritus of the first iteration of Meandering Design. Cleaning away things that I had an emotional attachment to for all the wrong reasons. 

I don't believe that you need to sell all your belongings and live out of a back pack in order to have a clean, happy, healthy relationship with stuff, but I do believe that you need to come to terms with your closets. 

This journey started a couple of months back when I started playing the Minimalism game. In a little over a month (it took me a couple of extra days to finish up) I had removed 496 things from my home. 

I had just been coming out of a bad bout of depression and sadly the state of my home office reflected the state of my mind. Having a challenge issued to get rid of things really helped.  It worked so well that I started it again and I'm on day 22. Just 243 more things to go. 

Doing this has made me see that I hold on to things even when they are no longer a) useful or b) make me happy. I had gifts from people that I no longer speak to that I was keeping because we were once friends- gone. I had scraps of paper and notebooks filled with ideas for a business that is no longer functioning- gone. I had projects started that I never will finish- gone. 

It took me a couple of weeks of cleaning out this room but finally it is clean. I could barely walk into the room and all of the stuff was so overwhelming that I kept ignoring it. Finally I went in and picked one corner and cleaned it. I kept moving around the room and then the desk got cleared off. 

This room will be getting a revamp, which will definitely include a coat of lighter paint. I'm still getting rid of things. Next up is the kitchen (oh dear) and then after that is the room I keep forgetting I have. 

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