Pantone Color of the Year...

Image via  Elle Decor

Image via Elle Decor

So, I'm not sure how I feel about Pantone's color for 2015-Marsala . It reminds me a little bit too much of the mauve from my youth. Yet, it is on trend. We've been having an 80s/90s resurgence in fashion that has been trickling into interiors over the past couple of years in the form of pastel colors and neon prints. 

I do have to admit that it is the color of one of my favorite lipsticks! A definite carry over from my youth. Reading reactions to Marsala on some of the design blogs people are definitely not liking it. Before we knock it out of the crayon box, how about we look at some rooms that incorporate this wine red/burgundy/mauve color. 

Image via   

Image via


Image via The Design Files

Image via The Design Files

Image via  Anthropology

Image via Anthropology

You can also pull in complementary colors and really shake up a room. The image below goes split complementary and pulls in burgundy, red and turquoise. That really large black light, which is amazing, helps ground the space. Plus it's a pretty cool way to paint the back of a set of book cases. 

Image via  Apartment Therapy

This next room goes straight across the color wheel for the complementary color green. 

Image via Jane Hall Design

Image via Jane Hall Design

The image below takes analogous colors (directly next to red on the color wheel) and mixes in a bit of purple and orange. 

I am not one to typically follow trends, but I do keep my eye on them. I think that the color of the year helps us look at different colors that are out there. Sometimes you can pin point a designers work based on the color scheme and a color that may be fresh today may be outdated tomorrow. So, check out Marsala, but just because it is the color of the year, don't feel like you have to go home and repaint your house! 

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