Vintage Wares

I have been going to antique stores since I was old enough to walk. My Poppy had a mental map of antique stores all across the country. Baseball may be the nation's past time, but antique shopping was my family's. 

A friend and I stumbled across an estate sale about a month ago and I picked up a couple of things to sell in my Etsy shop. I also cleared out my closet and put a lot of my personal collection up for sale. I had quite a bit of vintage jewelry, but I wasn't wearing it and so I decided it was time to let it go. 

You know how everyone is saying 'follow your bliss'. I firmly believe that there needs to be a connection between your passion and something you are good at. I'm good at finding vintage wares. I have a lot of knowledge to draw from due to years of shopping and buying vintage. Plus I have a good eye. I tend to buy things I like, although occasionally I'll pick something up because I know it's on trend. 

I love the history behind the objects I discover. Plus the craftsmanship amazing. I'm drawn to objects that are utilitarian, even when they are dinged up a bit or dingy. These things have been used and sometimes they show their wear, but that is part of their charm. 

Today I'm offering 20% off everything in the store. Use the discount code MeanderingDiscount  at checkout. I hope you find some treasure. Thank you for supporting small businesses. 

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