You are beautiful

There is a phenomenal movement that has its roots here in Chicago. It all started with a simple sticker and a desire to combat negative self-image. "You Are Beautiful" was created by Matthew Hoffman, who printed out 100 stickers and spread the message. Today that message continues to travel around the globe. 

I remember the first time I saw a You Are Beautiful sticker on a sign pole. It was almost ten years ago and I was walking down the street and when I saw the sticker I stopped in my tracks. I turned the phrase over in my mind until the words intended meaning became clear (when it comes to my own beauty I am a bit dense). My mood was immediately lightened and I wanted to pass that joyous feeling on to someone else. 

Throughout the years I have stumbled across You Are Beautiful stickers and they never fail to delight. When I saw that Matthew was having a kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of a book about 'You Are Beautiful' I immediately supported it. The book is lovingly designed and full of inspiration. 

The best part is it came with a pack of stickers and so I am going to go spread the word- You Are Beautiful. Go get your own stickers! Follow the movement on facebooktwitter or instagram.  

Originally published 3/10/14 

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