Whiskey Punch

My grandmother recently gave me the punch bowl that she and my grandfather received as a gift when they first got married. She also cleaned out her liquor cabinet and handed off a bottle of Seagram's Seven Crown whiskey that someone had given to my Poppy. My grandfather preferred beer so it did not surprise me that this whiskey bottle had not been drunk.

A friend and I were talking about how Seagram's Seven was like the gate way to whiskey. Mix it with a little seven up and you start to get used to that strong whiskey taste. Nowadays I love whiskey and will drink it neat, but back when I was a wee lass...Oh right, I was giving you a recipe. 

With the punch bowl and a bottle of whiskey in hand I was ready to drink. I did invite some people over to share my punch, because there was a lot of it.  

While alcoholic punch drinks have fallen out of favor I have a fondness for them. Except, I wanted to update the usual recipe involving soda, alcohol and some sort of fruity beverage. 

Here is the recipe for Ginger Kick Whiskey Punch (yes, I just made that up). 
  • One 1.75 liter  bottle of Seagram's Seven Crown Whiskey 
  • Two 12 ounce bottles of Ginger Beer. I prefer Reed's because it isn't overly sweet and has some gingery heat to it. 
  • One 2 liter bottle of Sprite (or 7-up)
  • 2-3 cups of fruit juice. I used Juicy Juice mainly because I drank it when I was a kid! 
You have two options- one is to mix the punch with all of the ingredients and add ice cubes and the other is to make a fruit juice ice cube ring. 

I have an old jello mold that I pour the juice in and let it freeze overnight, but you could just as easily use a small bowl. Also, the first time I made this I forgot the juice and used vitamin water. It tasted fine, but the juice does make it a little sweeter. 

Right before your guests arrive mix all of the ingredients. Yup, that whole bottle of whiskey goes into the bowl. Then add your frozen juice or ice cubes.

Drink up! 

Photo credit Kandy M. Christensen

Originally published 7/28/30

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