Wear a Slip

Vintage slip ad available at Etsy

Wear a Slip 

Ok ladies. I'm going to tell you like it is. It's summer and we all pull out those jersey dresses and summer frocks and wander around town. It's a little hot out and so sometimes when you sit down your dress clings to your buttocks (or within your buttocks) and you reach around and pull it out. If you do not think anyone saw that you are so wrong. For the love of whatever you hold holy please wear a slip. If you do there will be butterflies and flowers and your hair will blow gently in the breeze like our lady in the vintage ad.

I've had this conversation with men and believe me they are kind of grossed out by ladies plucking their skirt away from their body or picking their skirt out of body parts. Also, jersey dresses are clingy and kind of sheer. If you are trying to be all Madonna in the 1980's with her bra peeking out of her shirt or Carrie from Sex in the City with her black bra showing through her shirt then go for it, but do it deliberately. Make a fashion statement because you want to make a statement, but pulling your skirt out of your arse is not a fashion statement. It's just gross.

Get a slip.

Full slipred half slipblack half slipivory/pink half slip
Search Etsy for a slip and there are hundreds. I highly recommend having a cream half slip and a black half slip on hand. I think every girl should have at least one va va voom slip in her arsenal. You can find slips that range in price from $5-$40 online. At the thrift store you can usually pick up a vintage slip for $1-$5. Also, slips come in a wide range of sizes. It is actually relatively easy to find a slip in a plus size.

This may be the only time you hear me say this- if your slip is too long just cut it. The edge won't fray and it will suit your needs. I prefer vintage slips because they work better then the slips sold in stores today.

Go enjoy your summer-but wear a slip!


Originally Posted 6/17/13

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