Wardrobe Revamp

Leaping Lizards did I have a fabulous time teaching the Dabble class Wardrobe Revamp at Mrs. Murphy's and Sons Irish Bistro. I had a great group of ladies (we did talk about the dearth of men- so gentlemen please a) attend Dabble classes and b) come learn how to sew a button on your dress shirts) who were all interested in learning and great conversationalists. I also have to say thank you to Mrs. Murphy's for hosting us. Thankfully there were no sewing related incidents after imbibing a pint (or two).   

The images below give you a bit of an idea of what we did, but if you really want to know you should come to the next class. All of the photos were shot by Dennise Saxton and I am so grateful to her for taking such awesome photos. 

For an excellent writeup of the class visit the Dabble blog. Ali Kelley has a delightful way with words. 


Originally Published 3/13/13

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