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Photos of a Last Kiss before Departing for War at Penn Station, NY 1943

A Cup of Jo posted these lovely, yet heartbreaking, photos of War Time kisses from the Life Archive (via The Wall Breakers). Each one tells a story and the photographer, Albert Eisenstaedt, captured these in such a way that the couples are the only people in the room, and we are the voyeur. Now when I first saw these photos I felt the emotion, but then as I scrolled through I could not help but think how gorgeous each women's outfit was. 

I adore vintage fashion and I do wear it as well. The one thing I have found is that wearing vintage from head to toe is a bit...much. Sometimes wearing one standout item or something that evokes the era works better. The first outfit I pulled together is kind of my favorite. I love blazers from the 1940's because they are tailored beautifully and they look fabulous when paired with something casual. 

{1- Vintage 1940's suit coat found at Etsy, 2- Steel blue gloves at Etsy, 3-1940's shoes, 4-1950's pants (I cheated here but a pair of dark denim 1940's capris would look great too), 5- Navy straw tilt hatPurse inspired by the 1940's with an upcycled belt for the strap .}

This next outfit is a little bit more dressy and reflects what a 1940's would women would have worn, but again take one element and make it yours. For example, the shirtwaist dress with the peter pan collar could easily be worn today and paired with modern shoes and a modern purse. 
{1- 1940's Shirtwaist dress with peter pan collar via Etsy,  2- 1940's quilted pair of heels, 3-Black clutch purse, 4-Fire engine red Peter Pan newsboy hat (pair this with some red lipstick and vavoom), 5- Kid leather gloves from France, 6- Black tiered coat .}

I didn't want the gentlemen to feel neglected, so here is a little style montage just for you. For this one I took items that were reminiscent of the style of the 1940's- the hat, wing tips (love those shoes) and blazer, but I paired them with jeans. Is it odd that I want to wear this outfit?! 
{1- Levi tweed blazer, via Etsy,  2- Oxblood wingtip shoes-made in England, 3-1940's feather print tie, 4-Vintage Fedora hat, 5-1040's Buluva watch, 6- 1970's Levi deadstock saddleman boot jeans with dark wash.}

How do you wear vintage?


Originally posted  6/18/13

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