To Share With a Passion

When people ask what is my passion, I get quiet and think about it for what probably seems like an uncomfortably long time (introvert style!) and my answer is usually 'to work on my projects'. It is no surprise that I was given the title of 'queen of vague' this week by one of my dearest friends. So, I have decided to expand on the subject of my passion.

You see, my passion for working on projects is the top heading of my 'passion outline' (yes, I really do love to write outlines... more on that another time). 

My Passion Outline

I. Work on my projects
   A. Think, imagine and daydream
   B. Learn/research
   C. Make/create
   D. Share
   E. Fine tune
   F. Share some more

All of the parts of my outline are important and necessary. However, 'to share' has been highlighted for me recently in many different ways. For starters, since joining the community I have found a new gateway to share my projects and skills with others. This is a really big deal for me because I can share with people from all over the world and, even better, they share with me as well. Much like this blog where Kandy and I share and look forward to your comments and feedback.

Sharing for me facilitates knowledge, gives the tools for learning, and provides the opportunity to exchange ideas and points of view on how skills can be applied. We all build upon what we learn from others and part of my passion is to be an active participant in that process. Seeing how we all excel at and prefer to learn in various ways, I like to focus on different learning environments. It is important for me to acknowledge the people who like to learn on a one on one sort of environment and those who like to start the learning process by themselves and approach others when they have questions and/or feel ready to converse about the skills that they are acquiring.

With that in mind, we here at Meandering Design are open to requests. If there is a craft skill that you want to learn about but do not have the time or opportunity to go to a class to learn it, or if you want to learn at your own speed, drop us a line in the comments. We will create classes for you. 

Joseph Joubert once said that "To teach is to learn twice". I would like to give it my own spin and say that, 'To share knowledge is to continuously learn from many different angles'.


Originally Published 3/14/13

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