This One is For You

I am pleased to introduce to you "Jamie" and "Robin," the Vintage Twins.

The two bags are new additions to the Dude/tte bag collection. They are made from upcycled vintage pants found at a second hand store here in Vancouver.
As you may have read before, Kandy and I met while working at the Public Opinion Lab (POL) of Northern Illinios University. There is where I also met Jamie and Robin. Two great women... the kind who would totally back you up in a fight! 
One the bags is named after Jamie because she is awesome, intelligent and as Kandy puts it 'sassy!' We shared some fun times at the POL picking on Kandy, listening to the Beasty Boys really loud while riding down the highway and helping Kandy go through some hard times at a party.

"Jamie" and "Robin" photos credit: Krusheska Quiros

Robin was our boss and to say that she meant a lot to both of us is quite an understatement. She passed away last Friday and as coincidence some times happens, I had decided to name one of the twins after her weeks before getting the sad news of her untimely death.
I will always remember Robin as the highly intelligent bad ass Libra with low tolerance for ignorance that she embodied... a woman with insight and a great sense of humour.
There was a sign on her office door that read something like: 'Think, what would you do if I was not here? Now go do it!'
That sign has an even deeper meaning now. I am doing it Robin!... WE are doing it. One of the Vintage Twins was made thinking of you, of your insight and what you will always mean to us.
I hope that you like it.

Originally published 4/25/13

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