The Vintage Twins

photo credit Krusheska M. Quiros

An exercise in the deconstruction and upcycling of vintage pants

It is often handy to deconstruct things in order to learn how to construct them back up, reuse them, and upcycle its components. This my approach for the making of "The Vintage Twins," the two upcoming additions to my Dude/tte bag collection.
I found two pairs of really nice vintage men pants at a local second hand store and that was it, the project started. For this one, the pants are getting deconstructed and as much of them as possible is going to be upcycled into the bags. The plan so far is to combine parts of both pants into each bag.
photo credit Krusheska M. Quiros
The pants are tailored and while deconstructing them, I have seen some really nice use of seams and details which I hope to use some time in the future when I venture into sewing my own pants. That being another plus of this project.
photo credit Krusheska M. Quiros
Do stay tuned for the unveiling of the twins once they are born and in the mean time, send in your name suggestions. I am looking for a female name for one and a male name for another... bonus points goes for the one who suggests androgenous names.

Originally published 4/11/13

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