The view from above

photo credit: Menno Aden, Untitled (D.A.) 2007

Spatial interaction and flow beyond eye level

When organizing and decorating a living space or a work space we often work at our eye level. Yet, what would happen if we looked at things from another point of view?

photo credit: Menno Aden, Untitled (Anonymous II) 2008

I ran across this collection of photographic work by Menno Aden, a set of "room portraits", and asked myself, 'If floor plans are used to build the space, why couldn't two-dimensional photos be used to aid in the decoration and spatial management of a room or a studio?' Perhaps our natural fixation with the 'eye-level view' limits us to look beyond that perspective. We tend to leave the 'view from above' to the birds.

Originally published 4/17/13

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