The sewing must be done

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The Sewing Must Be Done

I have spent a fair amount of time cleaning up mass quantities of fabric, sewing notions and sewing machines over the past couple of weeks. That means that I have not been doing much sewing even though I have a ton of ideas percolating for things to make for fall. Granted it is kind of hard to think about fall fashion (wool, plaid, long skirts, tights, scarves and sweaters) when it is 93 degrees here in Chicago. 

I was talking to my friend Christina the other day and we kept bouncing big ideas off of each other. By the end of our conversation we had solved world hunger (yes, I am being sarcastic), yet we had not actually gotten anything done. We looked at each other and said "Nike the sh*t out of it"! Granted the real quote is "Nike the bejesus out of life" (highly recommend you take a listen to Saya Hillman's TedX talk), but the point is just go do it for the love of your higher power (I didn't want to offend anyone).  

I'm going to pull out that sewing machine and start zipping away. 

Now for the end of our family's saga apparently that French seamstress was a little too 'French' and the family had to buy a sewing machine. I'm just grateful for electricity!

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Originally Published 9/9/13 

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