The dining room as is

I was so inspired by how great the living room felt after I revamped it that I decided it was time to tackle the dining room.  So here is a brief 'before' tour of the dining room.

One of the challenges to this room, which is very similar to the living room, is that it has windows and doors and openings all over. Below the door with the brass doorknob is the front door and you are dumped right into the dining room. Oh to have a foyer! The other door is to the second bedroom, which is just frightening right now! 

Directly to the left of the front door, along the Southern wall, is a non working fireplace. It's kind of huge and that red has grown on me. I still debate painting it though. The top of the mantel isn't going to change much. The vase is covered in mosaic tiles and was done by my great-grandmother in the 60's. The radio is my Poppy's and I remember he used to always have it on when he was working in the garage. The camera is his also. The very large awesome piece of art was taken by my friend Doug Birkenheuer who is a brilliant artist. 

The jute rug, white table and red chairs are from West Elm from about 3 years ago.

I pile books in the fireplace since it doesn't work.

Turning towards the SouthWest corner. There is a vintage photography light and a vase on the mantel. The pendent lights were found on Etsy and the curtains are also West Elm. 

The vintage globe was my great-grandparents. A vintage Turkish olive bucket is my 'out box'. And there are a couple of sewing machines tucked away on the shelf of my grandfather's old workbench. On top of the workbench is a rabbit foot fern in a pot from Jayson home, a vintage hat mold and a candle. This workbench holds a lot of my sewing tools and fabric. 

Here's a closeup of the ottoman holding some books and the globe in the corner. 

Oh look sewing machines. Isn't that what everyone has in their dining room?!

Moving to the NorthWest corner are some prints from the 90's of performers in Cirque du Soleil. A chair with a radio on top of it is tucked in the corner. 

Most of the North end of the dining room is made up of the entrance to the living room. These rooms flow together and so I definitely want them to 'speak' to each other. I don't feel like they need to match, but that they need to reference each other in terms of style and color.

The NorthEast corner has my very favorite poster and vintage French Victorian chair. You also see part of the railing to the spiral staircase that leads downstairs to my bedroom in the basement. 

Here is another view of the piece of art along the wall by the stairwell. I bought it because it looked exactly like a picture I have of my great-great-grandmother.

The other side of the stairwell where I hung a small viking ship I got in Denmark (I'm part Danish). This wee spot is my landing zone where I hang my keys and set my purse down.  

Here is a layout of the room because I realized these pictures didn't give a very clear idea of the space. 

Like I did with the living room I'd like to share what everything cost. The biggest investment wasn't in furniture, but in art. 

Starting along the fireplace wall:

Vase $0
Radio $0
Camera $0
Art $900
Lamp $100
Small vase $0

Turning toward the windows:

Work table $0
Ottoman and upholstery $30
Globe $0
Books $0 (they were gifts)
Table runner $0 (I made it out of scrap fabric)
Plant $0 but the vase cost $30
Hat mold $40
Turkish olive bucket $40
Sewing Machines $0 (I stole one from my mom and the other was donated to me)
Candle $25
Curtains $120
Cirque du Soleil Prints $50

The wall along the stairway:

Victorian Chair and upholstery $450
Sheman is Frank print $20 but framing was around $300
Large art $400
Stool $100
Key holder $40
Viking ship $20

The Center of the room:

Jute rug from West Elm $200
Table from West Elm $300
Red Chairs $60
Set of wood chairs $40
Grey Eames chair $20

Grand Total: $3,285. Money spent on art: $1670. Wow you can see where I prefer to spend my money! Art to me is an investment in an object of beauty, the artist and our community. I think it is important to support local artists and the art that I have brings me great joy. 

Next week I will reveal the plan. 

Originally published 11/5/14

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