The busy trap

I've noticed that we are all 'busy' these days and I get it there is a ton of stuff going on and we are all running around trying to keep our head above water. Yet, what if we weren't. What if we dialed back and made space for impromptu picnics and kite flying? What would things feel like then? 

When someone asks 'how are you?' and the response is busy, well that conversation is over. The word busy just shuts it down. When people ask me that question, for today my response is 'I'm ok'. That's where I am at and as I've mentioned previously I've been struggling with depression. Honestly, I'm ok and I'm looking forward to having a much more positive response down the road. 
Am I busy? Um, yeah. I work full time and run a business part time. I have won
derfully supportive friends and family who want to spend time with me and sometimes I feel like I fail them because I don't have much time or (as of today since I am struggling with depression) much of myself to give. Except, when someone asks to spend time with I really try to find the time.  

Today I need to make space for myself. I need a little bit more time to beat back this depression and I need to allow room for creativity to come back in. Sewing is my therapy. Creating pulls me out of my funk and helps me get back up on my feet. 

Last night there was an event I wanted to go to and I knew I would have fun, but it was the first day of the farmer's market in Andersonville and I really wanted to go for a bike ride and get some fresh veg. That right there made me happy. I got some fresh air and some yummy spring vegi's and when I got home I started cleaning up the clutter that has accumulated in my house (When I get depressed the house goes downhill and then the piles start to accumulate and then I want to hibernate!). My calendar has been full of great things lately, but for the next month I am going to try to stop adding stuff to it in order to leave myself a little breathing room. 

I've banned the word busy from my vocabulary. Instead of busy let's start saying things like: I'm creating more; Business is doing good; I'm going for bike rides; or I have been- insert whatever it is your business does best. Tell me what you are up to, what is inspiring you or what you are passionate about. If you tell me you are busy- well... 

Photo Credit Kandy M. Christensen- iphone with VSCO filter

Originally published 5/22/14 

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