Speak in Public About Something I love

#6 Speak in public about something I love

Who knew when I wrote those words as part of my Mighty Life List that I would get the opportunity to do so. A couple of months back I applied for Ignite Chicago, which is "An evening of 5 minute talks on a variety of topics presented by a variety of speakers looking to ignite and inspire". The same evening that I taught Wardrobe Revamp (which I will write a post about) I received an email saying I was invited to speak at Ignite Chicago on April 15th. My first response was to squee with delight and then my next response was to freak out a little bit because now I have to give a presentation in front of a room of strangers. 

One would think after singing in front of 750 people at the Park West that I would be over myself, which I've written about. I think part of the anxiety  is that I will be standing up on that stage alone. During Fear Experiment I was supported by the group and could lean on people when I needed.  

Yet, and I think this is the brilliance of Ignite Chicago, I get to talk about something I am passionate about. I know the moment I get up there and geek out about my topic I will overcome my fears. Notice I'm being quite vague about the topic. The picture gives you a wee hint. To find out you will need to come to Ignite Chicago on April 15th at 7PM at 1871, which is located within the Merchandise Mart on the 12th floor. You can sign up to be notified when tickets go on sale

Originally Published 3/12/13

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