Small things- big impact


With all that is going on in the world sometimes I struggle with feeling ineffectual. I want to make a difference but I'm not sure which way to turn. When problems seem too large and complex it helps to focus on helping just one person. For a couple of years now, I, along with a group of other giving people have made a small donation to help support the education of a student in Rwanda named Patience. 

Sister Anna, who is Patience's aunt and also the principal of Rwanda's Our Lady of Angels School, was visiting the states and spoke at Mac and Cheese Productions. It was amazing to hear her story and how she was charged with building a school and so she did. The school has continuously grown and in order to keep tuition down so all children can attend they rely on donations.

What struck me about Sister Anna is that she saw what needed doing and she made it happen. After the genocide she took in orphaned children and gave them a home. Those are the children that we help today through our donations. 

She spoke about how Rwandan people are focused on being one nation today. She along with the Benebikira Sisters have built a school for the community. If you would like to help you can sponsor a student. It doesn't take much. They also encourage you to become a pen pal with the student you sponsor. 

I think about the community here in Chicago and it feels good to be a part of it. It's also great to get an annual progress report and see how Patience is doing. I can't help but imagine great things for him. 

Originally published 10/20/14

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