Rethinking mother's day

Top left: my Mom and Poppy; top right: Grammie, Poppy, my Mom and my aunt; bottom- my Mom. Photo credit Kandy M. Christensen.
I am very lucky that my fabulous, kind, generous and loving mother is still in my life. She is a friend to me, unless she is telling me to take vitamins and then she is being an annoying mother. I do love to finding something special for her for mother's day and to take a moment to acknowledge the awesomeness that is my mom. 
Except, I have friends who have mothers that failed them. I have dear friends whose mother's have passed away and this holiday, which we celebrate through 24/7 advertising, breaks their hearts a little because they miss their mother. Or it raises the spectre of pain and regret. 
I have friends who desire with everything in their heart to be a mother and the world has not conspired to fulfill their wishes. I have friends who have lost a child and I cannot even comprehend that heartache. 
This is not an anti-Mother's Day post, but rather a request to be aware that Mother's Day is not always a great day for some people. 

It is hard sometimes to know how to approach people who are grieving a loss or going through a difficult time. I have found that a simple card, phone call, email or text saying 'I'm here for you' can mean the world. 

Originally published 5/5/14 

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