Reely Teeny Weeny Film Festival

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Interview with Dave Bell Regarding the Chicago International Film Festival: Reely Teeny Weeny Film Spectacular

Today we have Meandering Design's first podcast, an interview with the Producer, Director and Actor of Ned's Groundhog Day (or Death of a Salesman), Dave Bell. 
Dave Bell, along with Jordan Patterson, Jerry Risner and actor Alex Balestrieri created a one minute homage to the film Groundhog Day. I sat down with Dave to talk a bit about film making and the challenges of creating a one minute film to submit to the Reely Teeny Weeny Film Festival, part of the 49th annual Chicago International Film Festival. 
You may need to give the podcast a moment to load...

Contact Dave Bell of Right, Right, Right Productions for more information. See you at the Fest. 
*Ned's Groundhog Day (or Death of a Salesman) took third place in the Reely Teeny Weeny Film Spectacular. Congratulations to Right, Right, Right Productions.

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Originally published 4/6/13

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