Playing the game

Two weeks ago I embarked on an adventure to help me get the clutter in my house under control. To date I have chosen to remove 105 items from my home. They range from clothes, to trash, to jewelry to random things that I never should have kept. The photo above represents days 8-10. 
In going through the piles of things I've learned a lot about myself.

I squirrel things away for a rainy day. For example that bow up above is a barrette I made from a dress that I remade into something else. I'm never going to wear it but I felt the need to repurpose it, which is good thing to do, but I also need to learn when to let things go.

I went through a phase where I bought jewelry because I felt since I was fat that I didn't deserve to wear good clothes. Yeah, that does not help my self esteem. 

Day 11-12

I hold on to things that were gifts even if a) I never use them and b) they don't hold good memories anymore. Some of the things I kept were over twenty years old. I finally had to give myself permission to let go. 

Day Thirteen

While I am trying to clear things out I also had to recognize that not everything has to go. On day thirteen I tried to get rid of a hat that I really like and I realized that I wanted to keep. So, I swapped it out with something else. 

Day fourteen was a pile of other people's stuff that I'm returning (so I didn't take a picture). It was interesting how the universe conspired to help me clear out some other things. 

I still have a couple of days worth of stuff piled up in the bedroom and then I'm moving on to the storage room. That's going to be interesting. While this endeavor has been great it's been challenging living with piles. I've got piles of things to return, to take to charity, to sell or to give away. Overall though I feel good. 

Originally published 10/16/14

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