Picking a phone case

I bought my first iphone in 2011 and as all the new phone's have come out I've still kept my old phone because it worked. I usually don't buy into the hype of a new release, but this time around I am because my poor old phone is on its last legs. It does odd things like put the volume indicator on the screen randomly for long periods of time. Lately it's taken to turning the flashlight on all by itself. Sometimes it won't play anything, you know, just for fun. 

I've always had a plain black case but his time around I thought I would branch out. Society6 gives artists the opportunity to put their outwork on all types of goods, including phone cases. Normally I'm pretty good about picking things, but I've only managed to whittle down my options to four. 

So, help me pick a phone case! 
Which one do you like? 

Originally published 9/11/14

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