Photographer Amy Boyle

Sweet Home Chicago through the brilliant eyes of Amy Boyle Photography

I love being able to showcase artists and artisans, especially some of the fabulous people I have had the opportunity to meet that are working here in Chicago. Today I would like to introduce you to Amy Boyle Photography.

Photo by ©Colin B Photography 2012

I first met Amy at a Crave event and I noticed that her camera was simply a part of her. She moved through the room snapping pictures and people rarely noticed her or her camera. Later, looking at the photos of the event you could sense the palpable energy and inspiration that was taking place in the room that night. According to her bio-

For more than 17 years, Chicago has been home to Amy Boyle, her husband Jeff and four sons. Amy’s daily inspiration comes from the beauty and strength of American’s legendary Second City. A 2002 graduate of Northwestern University with an Art History and Marketing degree, Amy's love of art and the history behind art infuses her photography. Amy’s keen artistic vision, coupled with her genuine and warm personality, allow her to photograph subjects in a way that truly captures their natural essence and is authentic to each of their personal stories. Her inspired photos and ability to easily connect with people of all ages bring a unique depth and beauty that rises from every print to tell a tale.

I can personally attest to her ability to photograph people and capture their true essence because Amy photographed Meandering Design for Crave. I felt so comfortable with her that she managed to capture this lovely shot of me. The photos she took of Meandering Design highlight our use of vintage materials, but at the same time the images are so fresh and modern.

Originally published 4/24/13

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