Organizing Life and Piles of Fabric

Image via Better Homes and Gardens
That beautifully organized pile of fabric is the image in my head  of  how my sewing room looks with all my fabric organized by color and piled so neatly. It is all readily available and little birds pluck the fabric and bring it to me to sew. Um, yeah, not so much. Here unfortunately is part of my reality:

What you see there is the stairway down into my bedroom (I live on the first floor and that is where the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and main sewing room are and my storage room and bedroom are in the basement. I love it!)  but the area has been completely taken over by fabric and vintage clothes. 90% of that is part of my 'to do' pile. Nope that's not overwhelming. Oh yeah, see that plant pot there. I was going to replant my basil so it would have a little bit of room to grow. Except, it's too late because I accidentally killed it. My lavender and rosemary are doing great though! 

Right now I am in the organize and de-clutter zone. I got an old built in linen closet from the Rebuilding Exchange which will definitely help find all those piles a home. I also have a label maker and I'm not afraid to use it. 

Those are the before and I am hoping by next week to be able to show you the after. In the midst of all those piles I found a Christmas present I had bought my mom and forgotten about. Sigh. The rest of the house thankfully does not look like this. Phew! 

Originally Published 8/29/13

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