Nature's Colors

I was at Starved Rock this weekend and it was wonderful to get out of the city and be in nature. What struck me were all of the colors. This shot is from my iPhone so it isn't the best, but it does give you an idea of the greens and oranges found in nature. My other favorites were all the different shades of color in the stone itself. 

I took a poke around the interwebs and found quite a few designers who were using a green and orange colorway.

This lovely room was designed by Alberto Pinto. The orange carpet plays off of the green couch beautifully. Plus I am quite fond of Middle Eastern design. 
I am in love with this Sanderson wallpaper. It is a very fresh take on a forest scene. I also love how they incorporated so many different shades of green. Using orange as an accent helps keep the green from being too overpowering. 
While this next room gives a very strong nod to Mid-century modern design the curtain print is a refreshing take on vintage floral print. It is also a great example of how to mix different prints (floral and geometric)as well as colors. 
Three very different rooms that show how to mix up green and orange. You never know where you are going to find inspiration. 

Originally published 8/18/14 

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