Moody Color Palette

A moody color palette from Meandering Design

Sometimes picking a color, let alone a color scheme, can be quite challenging. I've found that color makes many people nervous because they are afraid to commit. If a bold color on the wall is too much then I would suggest keeping the walls neutral and then bring in bits of color through accessories, rugs, or furniture. I recommend finding a color that you are drawn to and building a color palette around that. If you want to learn more then come to my Dabble class, Interior Design 101, on September 10th. 

The folks over at West Elm built a color palette around the furniture and accessories they sell. I typically promote shopping vintage or local, but West Elm is the exception to my rule. They have a commitment to artisans, makers, sustainability and the community that I find refreshing in a big box store. And, no, this is not a paid promotion! 

In their Fall promotional materials I saw that they had partnered with Sherwin-Williams to create a seasonal color palette. Of course I was drawn to it, since it had grey and chocolate brown (the colors in my living room) and I was really intrigued by the Honeycomb yellow, Roycroft Bottle Green and Bosporus Blue. 

While I'm not sure I would be bold enough, I really like that wall of Roycroft Bottle Green. The grey couch, along with the white and brown accents, really stand out against the wall. It would be interesting to see this room in reverse with a grey wall and green sofa. Oh the possibilities! 

If you are finding it hard to come up with some colors keep an eye out for ready made color palette's. If bright tropical colors are more your thing, then you may appreciate this post more. 

Originally published 8/21/14

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