My friend kind of scoffed at me when I told him I was embracing minimalism. Apparently the notion of me being a minimalist is unbelievable. 

I do get where they are coming from, sort of. My home is filled with treasures, I could probably open up a restaurant with all the kitchen stuff I have and I can't walk away from an antique shop without picking up a little something. Except, I do embrace minimalism because to me it is about living a mindful life. 

Ironically I was on chapter four of the book which talks about cultivating good relationships and letting go of people who don't have your back. I wonder which group my friends fall in...I am just kidding. Sort of. 

For me minimalism is about letting go of the things that do not support you in your life's work. This means not only physical items, but people and thoughts (especially limiting beliefs). It also means nourishing your spirit, mind and body with good stuff. 

For today I am slowly clearing out the house. I have some items that I need to sell. This is one of the few times I wish I had a garage because I'd just have a garage sale! I am concentrating on eating healthier and moving more. If I feel the need to go shopping I examine my feelings first because too often shopping is used to fill a void. When I do shop I try to do so with purpose and I shop local, handmade and/or vintage.

I find when my home is cluttered that my emotions absorb that clutter. I do love having the things in my home that hold special memories and I do not feel the need to get rid of them, but I do feel the need to create more space, not for new things, but for new experiences. 

I will continue to step forward on this minimalist path, but I'm doing it my very own quirky way. 

Originally published 7/16/14

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